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Deep Vein Thrombosis; Studies from T. Yin and co-authors have provided new information  Methods We started out our experiment by obtaining the items from our kitchen, most we had just laying  around and some we had to go and buy. The substances we used were; vegetable oil, milk, one  egg, water, tomato soup, and apple juice. We blended the egg in order to mix the yolk with the  egg white in a blender for approximately 10 seconds. We then diluted the eggs, milk, tomato 
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Unformatted text preview: soup, and apple juice with 300 ml of water. After the dilution we dispensed 2 ml of each substance into one of six test tubes. We then used the pipette to dispense 2 ml of Bradford’s reagent into each test tube. We then shook each test tube making sure to homogenize the mixture. Finally, we put the test tubes into the spectrophotometer and recorded the absorbance readings at 595 wavelength. After this was all complete we continued with a second trial. Results...
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