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INTRODUCTION TO THE VISUAL ARTS Dr. Julia Guernsey ARH 301 Office: ART 3.426 Spring 2008 Office hours: T and Th 11:00-12:30 PM Phone: 471-5850 Email: [email protected] Course Description: The main purpose of this course is to introduce the student to a range of artistic works – painting, sculpture, and architecture - from a broad array of cultures both ancient and modern. Discussions will focus on how the visual language of these art forms was linked to historically specific concerns. Throughout this course, analysis and interpretation of the art will be based primarily on its role as a transmitter of cultural information and world view. The course is not a comprehensive survey, but instead explores key moments in the history of world art with the aim of increasing students’ understanding of the art and architecture in the world around them. Meeting Times : This course consists of two lectures and one mandatory discussion section each week . The lecture meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00 PM - 1:50 PM in ART 1.102. You are also required to attend the discussion section for which you are registered (held either on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday; see below for locations). Make sure to check each week for the location of discussion sections, as they are sometimes in the assigned classroom and sometimes at other locations on campus. Note taking policy: Laptops are allowed for note taking during the class lectures, but are NOT allowed for note taking during discussion sections unless documentation and authorized permission are provided. Required text and reading assignments : David G. Wilkins, Bernard Schultz, and Katheryn M. Linduff, Art Past, Art Present . Fifth Edition. Prentice Hall. The required text is available for purchase in the bookstore, and is also on reserve in the Fine Arts Library. Reading assignments are given on the syllabus and should be read in advance of the class for which they are listed. Occasionally, when lectures address topics not covered in the textbook, suggested readings are listed on the syllabus for that day. These are only suggestions and not required, but are recommended especially if you miss lecture that day. All suggested readings are available on Blackboard. Breakdown of Grading System
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