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Comm Theory 3 - Advertising with an attitude an aesthetic...

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Advertising with an attitude: an aesthetic, emotional and intellectual experience - on the art Career track Berniece Patterson A. Introduction The main purpose of this article is to show how advertisements are specific made to ensure the audience that the product is great. The reason this article is relevant to Diffusion Theory is because both have similar if not the exact purpose, which is to facilitate the spread of messages from one another that are perceived as new ideas. Advertising much like the Diffusion Theory think of ways to pull their audience in, to make them become interested in what they are saying. Some predictions are that of how such ideas are created in a being, like social groups are advertising firms the same thing? B. Literature Review First study the author conducted was a gathering of advertisements and introduces them to a fourth and fifth grade student and sees the reaction. The author explained to the children of what the advertisements portrayed that the visual of the fine art and the relevance it plays in the advertisement. One particular example was from a magazine of a jaguar automobile that had been place in the middle of a Rousseau-type jungle painting, a discussion with its connection to the jaguars that live in the jungle was conducted and it
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Comm Theory 3 - Advertising with an attitude an aesthetic...

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