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Comm Theory 5 - More Than Rumors. Understanding the...

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More Than Rumors. Understanding the Organizational Grapevine Zaremba, Alan David Spodofora A. Introduction This paper discusses the development, accuracy, resilience, and management of the grapevine. Since grapevines do not develop by managerial design, they ignore formal communication channels and are affected by building and office layout and by common hobbies and activities, not to mention lunch schedules, family ties, social relationships, common hometowns, and committee work. Messages travel along the grapevine at an alarmingly rapid pace, whether information is correct or distorted. The grapevine is extremely resilient and is unlikely to be eliminated or formalized by executive fiat. B. Literature Review The Idea that rumors can be spread rapidly threw the distinction of the grapevine. It is a description of the development; accuracy; resilience; and management of this informal communication network. The informal network is going to exist. The nature if the information that travels on the grapevine does not necessarily have to be
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Comm Theory 5 - More Than Rumors. Understanding the...

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