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1 Lecture-23 Examples Solutions HW-23-5 . (HRW 34-33) In Fig. 34-38 , a beam of parallel light rays from a laser is incident on a solid transparent sphere of index of refraction n. (a) If a point image is produced at the back of the sphere, what is the index of refraction of the sphere? (b) What index of refraction, if any, will produce a point image at the center of the s p h e r e ? Figure 34-38 Solution: 33. (a) We use Eq. 34-8 and note that n 1 = n air = 1.00, n 2 = n, p = , and i = 2 r : 100 2 1 . . += n r n r We solve for the unknown index: n = 2.00. (b) Now i = r so Eq. 34-8 becomes n r n r = 1 , which is not valid unless n →∞ or . r It is impossible to focus at the center of the sphere. HRW 34-108 A goldfish in a spherical fish bowl of radius R is at the level of the center C of the bowl and at distance R/2 from the glass (Fig. 34-54 ). What magnification of the fish is produced by the water in the bowl for a viewer looking along a line that includes the fish and the center, with the fish
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Lecture-23Examples-03-29-08 - Lecture-23 Examples Solutions...

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