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Unformatted text preview: Math 2224 CRN 97420 1 Math 2224 Multivariable Calculus CRN 97420 Class Meeting Time: Monday, Wendsday, Friday 12:20PM 1:10PM McBryde 307 Instructor: Zlatko Drmac, McBryde 440, phone 2317533, email: [email protected] Office hours: Monday, Wendsday, Friday 2:00PM4:00PM, or by appointment. Text: James Stewart: Calculus: Early Transcendentals, Thomson Brooks/Cole, 2003. 5th edition. Final Exam: The final exam is on Tuesday, December 11, 1:05PM 3.05 PM. Syllabus: This course covers differential calculus for functions of several variables, double and triple integrals, convergence of sequences and series, and representation of functions as power series. Detailed guide to the contents can be found at the webpage of Math 2224, http://www.math.vt.edu/courses/math2224/2224syl f07.pdf Grading: Students are expected to do reading and homework assignments, and to take exams. The homework assignments will be assigned weekly, on each Friday, will be collected on the following Monday, and returned the following Friday. The homeworks will count 20 %the following Monday, and returned the following Friday....
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