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CS 2606 Data Structures & OO Devel II Homework 3: Secondary Storage Last modified: 10/12/2007 8:47 AM 1 Prepare your answers to the following questions either in a plain text file or in a file that can be opened with Microsoft Word. Submit your file to the Curator system ( ) under the heading Homework3, by the posted deadline for this assignment. No late submissions will be accepted. 1. [16 pts] Assume a system uses a hard drive with the following physical characteristics: total capacity 128 GB # of platters 8 # of tracks per surface 16384 # of sectors per track 2048 cluster size 4 KB spindle speed 10000 RPM head start time 1 ms track to track seek time 0.01 ms In answering the following questions, express all final time values to the nearest hundredth of a millisecond (8.33 ms). a) What is the average random head seek time for this drive? b) What is the average rotational latency for this drive? c)
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