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English 102 E. Baker Benjamin DeMott Summary In Benjamin DeMott’s response to William Faulkner’s “ Barn Burning” story, he focuses on Abner Snopes’ character. The title of his response is Abner Snopes as a Victim of Class so it is evident that he sees Abner as a struggler. He begins by describing Abner as almost a bitter old man, that he is cruel to the ones who are close to him and shows coldness to everyone. This could be for the fear of betrayal that Abner might have. DeMott also describes Abner as being ignorant and insensitive, due to his
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Unformatted text preview: uneducated nature. The cause for all of Abner’s bitterness could be due to the fact of his lack of education, DeMott writes that he “can’t frame a theory to himself about, say, proletarian enslavement.” Abner’s case just happens to be an unlucky one, he was placed into a poorer class and that is unfortunate for him. His brutal and insensitive personality could make for a hero in another story instead of bitter man in this one. It seems as though DeMott’s primary thought on Abner, is that he pities him....
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