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Prescriptive and Descriptive Grammar Susanna Jeong Alison Rukeyser Cory Messings Linguistics 1 Section 5 February 4, 2008 Jeong 1
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Human language is an ever-growing entity that naturally changes in time to correspond to the ever-changing lifestyles of our globally connected society. As time changes language, archaic words become disused, new words arise, and pre-existing words obtain new meaning. Some people accept the changes as they take place, while others are reluctant to lose the entirety of their language that, in one way or another will affect the enforced prescriptive rules of grammar, as we know it. While prescriptive and descriptive grammar, correlated as they are, accompany different rules, just as the way we write, is very different with the way we speak. Prescriptive grammar in the English language was enforced by eighteen century scholars who imposed rules to further distinguish the social classes by enforcing “the best version” to be more cultivated and refined (Pinker, 20). Descriptive grammar, in contrast, compromises from a set of rules mentally acquired and understood from an early age and affected by region and social class (Milroy, 96). Sentences consisting of a double negative, beginning with a conjunction, or ending in a preposition, are all targets of scrutiny; however, their distinctions between prescriptive and descriptive grammar will conclude and legitimize their place in English. English teachers have always chastised the use of double negatives in grade schools.
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prescriptiveanddescriptive - Jeong 1 Prescriptive and...

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