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Susanna Jeong Intro to Linguistics Alison Rukeyser Cory Messing March 3, 2008 Universal Grammar Humans possess the ability to use language, a system of communication, that is characteristically creative and unique, which allows for an unlimited number of combinations to create original thought and meaning to be conveyed from speaker to listener. No other living organism on earth has portrayed such complexity and diversity in language as the humans have. Each language spoken is distinctive as the people who speak it. However, despite the uniqueness of each language, the underlying foundation of structure in all the thousands of languages that have existed is the same. This is referred to as the Universal Grammar. These rules that represent the universal properties of all languages are evident during the process of language acquisition. Universal Grammar has been recorded by linguistics that have studied developing children and have presented the indication that, in fact, Universal Grammar is a blueprint for all existing human languages (Fromkin, 2007:319). Universal Grammar is defined as “the innate principles and properties that pertain to the grammars of all human languages” (Fromkin, 564). What this means is that every language is built up on the blueprints of Universal Grammar; it helps specify the different components of the grammar and their relations, how the different rules of these Jeong 1
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components are constructed, how they interact, and so on. Understanding the concept of Universal Grammar is important because it shows the relations and differences of every language. It also helps understand the process of language acquisition in which some
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universalgrammar - Jeong 1 Susanna Jeong Intro to...

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