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Awakening 2 - 1Chris Valerio The Awakening Essay The...

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1Chris Valerio 1/20/07 The Awakening Essay The “Awakening” has been one of the most controversial stores throughout American literature. When analyzing the protagonist, Edna Pontellier, one wonders if her awakening could truly been considered triumphant. It is no triumph at all; rather a representation of selfishness. A childish women who does whatever she pleases despite the consequences. Upon analyzing her character, she appears extremely irresponsible and this is proven continually in the novel through her actions, thoughts and appearance to the outside world. Women in the Victorian Era were generally faithful, compassionate, responsible and obedient. Edna possessed none these qualities, which this time period promoted in women. Edna was rebellious in her actions and awakened in many ways, which ultimately led to her own demise. One of the many ways Edna Pontellier was awakened was by individualizing herself and acting independent, atypical of the norm of society, Edna emphasizes that shit is not bound by the demands of her husband or the responsibilities of her children. She defined herself as independent and proficiently obtains control over her own destiny. A defining moment of
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Awakening 2 - 1Chris Valerio The Awakening Essay The...

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