Issues, Principles and Attitudes

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Unformatted text preview: al capacity" to accomplish these goals. As individuals, emergency managers are likely to be thwarted or fired if they try to exercise political power. This is where groups like IAEM and NEMA can currently have an effect. (Although NEMA is more likely to be politicized by the fact that it is a creature of the Governors.) Ideally, I believe that EM must become a non-political discipline, above politics. This would require term appointments, similar to the judiciary. 1-8 II ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Somewhat Concur ~ I strongly agree with the third main issue, limitations of the emergency manager. It is also important for emergency managers to have core competencies to coincide with their formal education as it becomes a profession.1-9 II ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Somewhat Concur ~ 1-11 II Distinguishing between readiness for "routine" versus mega-disasters; Owning that they are the source of readiness in their communities; Not losing sight of local readiness goals despite changes in federal priorities/programs; Becoming informed regarding the principles of emergency management; Increasing their level of professionalism; Operating independent of political & economic forces. 1-5 35 Issues, Principles And Attitudes Oh My! Examining Perceptions from Select Academics, Practitioners And Consultants on the Subject of Emergency Management Carol L. Cwiak, North Dakota State University Do Not Concur ~ An emergency manager that attempts to operate independent of political and economic forces is doomed to failure. This is idealistic and unrealistic at the same time. 1-3 II ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Somewhat Concur ~ I agree with the increasing professionalism but much less so with 2nd and 6th comments that imply the emergency manager is and should be somehow separate from community decisions. 1-4 II ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Concur ~ 1-7 II ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Concur ~ See last answer. 1-8 II ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Concur ~ It will be challenging to operate independent of political and economic forces. 1-9 II ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Somewhat Concur ~ 1-11 II 1. Developing appropriate coordinated protocols for disaster response e.g. does NIMS work? If not, then revise. 2. Professionalize FEMA hire people with EM training at highest levels. 1-6 Concur ~ These are the glaring obvious. Competence counts and we need to restore competence at all levels of emergency management from the roles of the individual citizens to the highest level of government. 1-3 II ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Somewhat Concur ~ All aspects of emergency management, not just response, need better practical model. I also appreciate the need for subject area expertise in government must be balanced with expertise in public management.1-4 II ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Concur ~ Not sure of the true relevance of statement one. Second statement sounds great but the issue is defining where the programs should reside rather than the fragmentation of ownership between different institutions. If we cannot figure out who/what we are/ should be how we can get the academic community, the politicians or the public at large to accept the inherent importance of the discipline and the practice. 1-7 II ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Concur ~ If NIMS does not work, there are appropriate avenues for revising it. The Post-Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act of 2006 addresses the professionalization of FEMA in a very clear and strong way. President Bush indicated that he would ignore its requirements for experience in appointees, however. 1-8 II ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Somewhat Concur ~ NIMS is a "work in progress." It will be difficult for true professionals to stay with FEMA due to the political realities.1-9 II ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Somewhat Concur ~ 1-11 II 36 Issues, Principles And Attitudes Oh My! Examining Perceptions from Select Academics, Practitioners And Consultants on the Subject of Emergency Management Carol L. Cwiak, North Dakota State University Interoperability; Spectrum Management; Federal other interface; Logistics; Non-FEMA areas- i.e. DHS DOL DOT DOJ. 1-7 What is Federal other interface? 1-3 II ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Somewhat Concur ~ A bit too vague to concur entirely. Certainly relationships between agencies about resources and other issues are important.1-4 II ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Do not understand context of terms, all of which (except logistics) apply to communications. 1-8 II ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Somewhat Concur ~ 1-9 II ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Not too sure what is referred to here so N/A is probably more appropriate. 1-11 II Legal authorities underlying EM; Increasing mitigation to include all hazards, specifically lawsuit; NIMS, NRP compliance; Lack of funding from all levels of government; Ensuring that officials understand EM and are involved at all phases; Mutual aid. 1-8 Concur ~ I don't understand what the second item means. All the rest are very important. Funding will only follow if officials truly understand EM and the risks associated with not maintaining an adequate level of preparedness. 1-3 II ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Somewhat Concur ~Also too general to comment on well. Understanding the legal ramifications of emergency management is an issue. 1-4...
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