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kdh - chooses to do her coreoghrpahy I am just a audience...

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Harrison 1 Ashley Harrison Professor Carney 20th Century Dance 18 Feb 2008 KDH Dance performance This performance was very odd. I really did not like it. It was called the Barre Tenders, and I think that the only part of the performance that I did like was the play on words. I did like the idea of the performance, and how there was a use of the restaurant idea, however, the dancing was not up to par. The dancing was quite off. I think with this idea in order to make it work the dancing needed to be more traditional. It was a lot more modern than anything, and personally thats not my style. I think that with the ballet bar idea the idea just needed to be different. I cannot really put my finger on why I did not like this performance so much, but it just really was not appeas- ing. I have never walked out of a performance saying I pretty much hated it, but this one I was just stunned. The lighting was off I would have pictured it a lot brighter, but that is how she
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Unformatted text preview: chooses to do her coreoghrpahy. I am just a audience member. I am sure there are others in the audience that may have like the performance, but others, as well as myself, we just turned off. The dancing was very slow, and not suitable for how people playing the roles of restaur-ant help usual act. Although the motions were very fluid, they were very boring. These per-formers were very slow, they just moved half as fast as the performance should allow, and they just looked out of place with each other. Personally, I would not reccomend this performance to any one. I would rather someone spend an evening doing something else, this performance may be odd to me, but I am sure, there Harrison 2 are some who appreciate it. This is KDH’s coreography not mine, and I am sure she is pleased with it, I am just one opinion not everyones....
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kdh - chooses to do her coreoghrpahy I am just a audience...

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