pilobolus - the show In typical duets the focus is usually...

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Ashley Harrison Professor Carney 20 Century Dance 10 February 2008 Written Response On February 6, 2008 I attended a production put on at The Paramount Theatre at 8o’clock called: Pilobolus . Personally the performance was absolutely breath-taking. It utilized energy along with body and perseverance so delicately. There were nu- merous parts of the performance, but one stuck out in my mind as if I was still watching It. I like to think of it like a mar- riage. It was the dance between a man and woman, but the way it was expressed is quite picturesque. The movement was continuous. It was so precise, and their grace proved that this dance was second nature to them. The man in the dance would lift the woman as if he was supporting her through a rough time, every need was met and nothing was wrong when she was with him. This proved true when he could mold her body how he wanted it to be. But this was not the only side of
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the dance. In a duet, there is more than just one man running
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Unformatted text preview: the show. In typical duets the focus is usually on the woman. Take traditional ballet for example. The woman always gets pushed forward for an extra applause and you never hear any one say oh my that man is breath taking, it is always the woman getting the credit. However, in Pilobolus the story is different. The man in this show is not just a background. In fact I visualized a shared stage. It was not one after another getting the focus, but they were viewed as one. The ability to mold their bodies as one on the stage is what makes these dancers so talented. They are not selfish, but they can show beauty through each other. This is why I believe this dance performance was so spec-tacular. The dancers had such a vivid embodiment, and they cap-tured my mind as I watched the performance. I believe for major-ity of the show my mouth was probably open, but it is only be-cause these dancers are fantastic and beautiful creatures of dance....
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pilobolus - the show In typical duets the focus is usually...

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