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history review - 1. 3 things to keep in mind about civil...

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1. 3 things to keep in mind about civil rights? It was a successful for gaining political equality for black people. 2. people who participated in the civil rights movement will also participate in other movements. 3. sewed the seal. 2. Brown vs. board on education? Segregated schools are unconstitutional. The supreme court made the law. 3. Jim crow laws? Laws that separated blacks and whites 4. NAACP (national association for the advancement of colored people)? Was an organization to fight for black equality. Decide to work through the federal court system target southern schools. 5. 2 reasons brown vs. education is important? Decisive legal brake through 2. showed that black folks could work in the system to change things. 6. little rock? Gov. orval faubus. Did not want schools integrated little rock was first school to be integrated. Army escorted the blacks. Schools closed for a year 7. rose park and the boycott? Arrested in Montgomery refused to give up her seat on a bus. Started to boycott the busses did not want to ride busses for one year. Finally the supreme court stepped in and had the busses integrated the busses 8. martin Luther king? Young preacher. He lead the bus boycott. He became the leader b/ c he was new and young and if he messed up then he would just be able to leave. 9. Martin Luther King Jr. believed 3 things? 1. as a Christian he had an obligation to save souls and to seek justice 2. no violence 3. king portrays his support between right and wrong( had whites on side)
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history review - 1. 3 things to keep in mind about civil...

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