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Entertainment - 3 The significance of that title in my eyes...

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Kirsten Moran Journalism April 9, 2008 1) I can’t walk down the street, ride in a car, or even be in my house without hearing some form of entertainment. Entertainment has become so common these days and so much a part of our culture that it has naturally become a part of my life. I use it for many things often without realizing it. The lives of celebrities have become almost as common as “news” to me, it has served as a source of fashion tips, and satisfies the need for gossip. 2) I do not feel that I need to observe a certain amount of entertainment or meet any sort of “quota” in order to get my fix. Entertainment is exactly that, entertainment. It isn’t a basic need or an addiction for me, although I can see how for some people it could be. I typically don’t believe that there is such thing as TME, but in some instances it can be. If/when it does reach the point of simulating an addiction for someone, I would see that as that person having TME.
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Unformatted text preview: 3) The significance of that title in my eyes can be one of two things. Either that we literally fill our lives with entertainment so much that our life can only be seen as having such a fixation on entertainment that looking back it is all you see. The other significance is that often times people look at the glorified world of Hollywood and entertainment and try to bring that into their own lives. The problem is however that the lives people are copying are dangerous lives that often lead to death, and could for you as well. 4) I think that it would be ridiculous for the government to have control over the media. The point of media is to give people a way to relax and not think about the stresses of their daily life. If the government made the media a lesson or tried to regulate it, that would be defeating it’s purpose....
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