Ch. 2 Notes - Conducting Health Research

Ch. 2 Notes - Conducting Health Research - Health...

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Ch. 2 Notes: Conducting Health Research Health Psychology Study Types Correlation Studies Cross-Sectional Studies Longitudinal Studies Correlation Studies r = (correlation co-efficient) can be between +1 and -1 + means positive relationship (increase or decrease together) As height increases so does weight - negative relationship (one increases while other decreases) As age increases, average number hours of sleep decreases Close to 1 means stronger relationship Small r can be statistically significant if N is large May be important, but not useful predictor. Descriptive – describes a relationship Cannot determine causality (why these things are caused) Might not be age that causes decrease in sleep but health. Can guess reason Cross-Sectional Studies Used for developmental issues Conducted during one time period e.g. survey study At least two different age groups Determine difference between groups On variable of interest i.e. Heart disease, prostate cancer, weight Fast Cannot reveal changes in people over time Can only indicate that relationship exist Again, does not determine causality Longitudinal Studies Follow participants over time e.g. Monitor your sleep across high school Can identify developmental trends takes time Costs more Requires large research teams Still cannot infer causality Results are generally considered stronger than correlation or cross-sectional studies Experimental Designs Allows you to test causality Requires at least 2 groups (better if randomly assigned) Experimental group Control group Independent Variable (Cause) Variable you control (or manipulate) Experimental group gets one level different from control Often use treatment vs. Placebo or no treatment i.e. Relaxation training vs. no treatment Dependant Variable (Effect) Variable you do not control Insomnia, heart attacks, death, etc. If manipulation in IV causes change in DV=Cause & Effect
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Ch. 2 Notes - Conducting Health Research - Health...

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