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Kirsten Moran February 29, 2008 Sex and the Poetry Throughout history poetry’s acceptance in society has been ever changing. The opinion of poetry’s coexistence with mankind in society has been to the extremes, one being that poetry is hostile to the environment and the other that poetry is a healthy vehicle of expression. Over time society has pushed the limits on freedom of speech causing great controversy in poetry. One of the most prominent examples of controversial media in recent history is the television show Sex and the City. Rather than polluting society, Sex and the City has promoted the advancement of self-expression and independence. To put poetry in its simplest form it is the written or spoken word of imaginative thought (Poetry). Poetry exists in almost everything in our society, even if in a small and almost unrecognizable way. An overwhelming amount of poetry can be attributed to self- expression, and the result of inspiration that comes from a person’s life experiences. Not only is poetry the portrait of an individuals feelings and emotions, it is a reflection of the emotion of the reader who chooses to take in the poetry as well. Movies, television shows, music, poems, art, and much more are all forms of poetry. They are the creative product of imaginative thought. Growing up we are told from a young age to express ourselves and aspire to be independent in order to advance in this world. This is most commonly done through forms of poetry such as music, movies, writing, reading, and other types of media. It is a
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person’s interests, self-expression, and individual voice that make up their self-identity. So why is it that some of the greatest philosophical minds find poetry to be harmful to society? Plato’s platform on the integration of poetry and society is that it causes
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SexAndThePoetry - Kirsten Moran February 29, 2008 Poetry &...

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