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Elana Tolman English 132 Mr. Couch 11/28/06 The Rime of the Ancient Mariner In the poem, “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” Samuel Coleridge uses symbolisms to explain the meaning of Christianity. Through out his poem Coleridge talks a lot about how the spiritual nature of the universe is in the mariner inhabits. Everything that he talks about in the poem makes a reference to Christianity whether it is a number or if it is a color. Coleridge sees things as a Christian universe that everything is bases on it. Everything that Coleridge says and does is in relation to the bible even if it does not come straight out and say it. Coleridge thinks that the things that happen in his life happen because of super natural reasons, and never asks why they happened to him. The poem is about a man on a ship with his crew and a bird that comes down and helps to save them, but then he goes and kills it. It is about his journey and him learning how to love God’s creatures, and learning how to appreciate them. Coleridge then goes around and tells his story to people; this is the way that he gets people to understand what he is been through. Coleridge uses certain numbers in the poem in reference to the bible. The first number that he uses is the number three. Three is very important in the story; the three people are the pilot, the pilot’s son, and the hermit. The pilot represents god he is the leader and he is the one that saves the mariner. The pilot is the one that was driving the boat and when the mariner’s boat sank, the mariner fell into his boat. The hermit is the priest; he is the one that lives in the woods. He is very in touch with nature and he loves everything about nature.
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last english 132 paper - Tolman 1 Elana Tolman English 132...

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