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Elana Tolman English 132 Mr. Coach 9/25/06 Plato the Truth Below Plato’s Republic is a collection of several books dealing with the art of writing, and way that society is seen. Each of the books talks about a different point, and they all have a deeper meaning. There are many different views of Plato’s work. It is just what one believes Plato is saying. Every book has a certain purpose to it and is easy to see what Plato’s purpose through out his work. There are several major points that Plato makes through out his work and they all come together to make one big message. Although everyone will have a different opinion on what Plato is saying, there are several major points that Plato talks about that are quite noticeable. The first Major point that Plato makes is found in book two. The whole book revolves around one thing and that is, “. . . can we find a better that the traditional sort?- and this has two divisions, gymnastic for the body, and music for the soul.” (Plato 12). Plato is saying that there are two parts to the education of children. Plato talks about teaching children things that are not true, like telling them stories that are false. Plato says, “You know I said that we begin by telling children stories which, though not wholly destitute of truth, are in the mail fictitious; and these stories are told them when they are not of an age to learn gymnastics.” (13). When children are little we tell them all stories that are make-believe, so children grow up with a sense of falsehood. It seems that Plato is saying one of the big things of this book is teaching children wrong from right. Lies are things that are being told to the young children, and they believe it, but by telling the children these lies then we are not setting a good example for them. If people
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english coach - Tolman 1 Elana Tolman English 132 Mr. Coach...

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