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english 1a - Tolman 1 Elana Tolman Mr Couch English 132...

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Tolman 1 Elana Tolman Mr. Couch English 132 11/3/06 P LATO AND S IDNEY In the collection of books from Plato’s R epublic and in Sir Philip Sidney The Defense of Poesy, both of these writers talk about the pros and the cons of several issues that they feel strongly about. Each has a different view of each topic. Plato and Sidney both talk about some major ideas three of which are comedy, tragedy, and art. Plato sees most of these issues as not useful and that all of these ideas should be banned. Sidney however makes it clear that we should use all of these things in society and that these ideas are useful. Both Plato and Sidney make good point about each topic and they are both able to give good reasoning behind their point of view. The main difference between Plato and Sidney is that Plato is an idealist and Sidney is practical. “Comedy is the first idea that these two philosophers debated upon.” Comedy is what makes people laugh. It is when you make someone feel good inside and makes them forget about their troubles for that moment in time in which they are enjoying themselves. Comedy is when you make some one feel joyful. Sidney says comedy should be a delight and laughter does not come from delight. We feel delight when good things happen, which in turn makes us joyful. Comedy is making someone laugh which is making some one happy for just a moment, it is a kind of tickle inside, and when some one stops laughing they will go back to their original feelings. A comical play is when someone does something unexpected or outrageous to make some one laugh. It is like purposefully hurting ones self so that other people will get a laugh out
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Tolman 2 of it. An example of this type of comedy is in the movie Liar Liar where Jim Carey keeps beating himself up. Sidney says, “But out comedians think there is no delight without laughter, which is very wrong; for though laughter may come with delight, yet cometh it not delight as though delight should be the cause of laughter but well may one thing breed both together.” (Sidney pg. 171). Sidney is saying that one does not have to laugh to be happy, but that
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