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DIRECTIONS FOR WRITING AN ANALYTICAL PAPER Your assignment is to write an analytical paper on one of the following generals: Henry Arnold Omar Bradley Mark Clark J. Lawton Collins Robert Eichelberger Dwight Eisenhower George Kenney Curtis LeMay Douglas MacArthur George Marshall Billy Mitchell George Patton John Pershing Colin Powell Chesty Puller Matthew Ridgeway William Westmoreland Leonard Wood Things to keep in mind: 1. This is an analytical paper. Your job is to analyze your officer’s generalship, so you’re answering the questions: Was he a good general or not? Why or why not? It doesn’t have to be either yes or no, so you can provide a more sophisticated response if you want. Do not spend the paper summarizing your officer’s life and/or military career. 2. You can find information about your officer in the library. There are biographies on most of the generals, so I recommend checking a book out of the library on your general and reading it for your background information.
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  • Spring '07
  • Bradford
  • History, Omar Bradley, Distinguished Service Cross, Recipients of the Distinguished Service Medal, United States Army Command and General Staff College alumni

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