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Chapter #1 of the book “Blacks in Science: Ancient and Modern” edited by Ivan Van Sertima Chapter Summary: Van Sertima opens his book Blacks in Science with the chapter entitled The Lost Sciences of Africa an Overview . In this introduction to the scientific discoveries of ancient and modern Africa, Van Sertima brings light to the impressive technological developments of early African nations. Van Sertima makes note of how these developments were the elites’ safeguard in the centers of civilizations; however, at the same time the centers were vulnerable to destruction. Accordingly, in Africa’s case, slavery devastated what Van Sertima’s refers to as the “African genius”. Nevertheless the slow unearthing of early Africa’s technology has begun to challenge the stereotypical primitive view of ancient Africa pre-slavery. He makes mention of several scientific advances, discovered through archeologically findings or through the impressive knowledge passed on from generation to
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