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BowlingforColumbine - his opinion and that’s where the...

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In the Film “bowling for columbine” Moore does persist to focus on gun rights over the columbine issue. He states that the United States out of most other countries has the most violence by guns in the world. He also goes on to say that America is more violent. I believe that America defiantly has violent tendencies but it is not the guns that are the problem, it is the people. I do agree with one of the fathers that spoke on the Columbine massacre, he said that the guns used to kill his son were not the ones you would use to kill deer. I totally agree that assault rifles should not be available to the general public because there are some people out there that are crazy and if they don’t use them, they sell them to other people. But America as a whole does need a plan to lower gun violence and Moore does have good intentions but defiantly does not go about it in the correct way. I believe his evidence can be compelling but is defiantly slanted toward
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Unformatted text preview: his opinion and that’s where the movie is at fault and loses the audience trust within his ability to support his cause. This is what invalidates his arguments and makes it harder to believe he is stating is true. You can see within his film on how persuasive he can be and how he will do anything, by upsetting anyone to get his point across. This is where it hurts his movie and renders his point faulty. America defiantly does have some kinks to work out in its violent culture. But it is money what drives our economy and violence is a main contributor to the funds of many video, entertainment industries. Like the guy form the news said “if it bleeds, it leads.” Our country has come to a time in history where we have to become more mature on the subject and take more responsibility within the realm of violence....
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  • Spring '08
  • Hansen,Kendrick
  • English-language films, U.S. state, Columbine High School massacre, Michael Moore, lower gun violence

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