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Brandt and Haas - face That may seem a little skewed but...

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As for these two, exploring artists, I might say "I got the feel that they are heading in the right direction." It seems that they really have got the catch for Hollywood and now that they have had a few great successes, they can only grow exponentially. Compared to Kelly Baker, It is totally different, the route they took was adjacent to his. They are more into the blockbuster, money making hits where as Kelly could give a damn. Brandt and Haas appear to have not only a taste for good stories (minus 2f2f) but also the will and know how to make it in Hollywood, and enjoying what they do. The pros to there type of filmmaking is that they will be "in the big leagues" as opposed to Kelly. They will be critically recognized and possibly famous (if not already). The only cons to me it seems is that they really are "the mans" biotch, as opposed to Kelly. .. where he round house kicks "the man" to the
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Unformatted text preview: face. That may seem a little skewed but you get the point. They even explained in their talk that with an Independent film you can get away with so much more and have so much freedom but in the studio league it another level of intensity. Money is the key factor and its a game with the big boys. The opportunities that lie ahead for the two are endless, and it is a great start for Michael to be able to direct his first (major film) this summer. Then also with the new hit with Angelena Jolee and Morgan Freeman will be just another factor to win them over in Hollywood. ( I went to IMDB to look up something about Wanted, and on cover of the website was the movie, I clicked it and second line of the site were there names) With the talent the two have, I believe Michael and Derek are on the path to success and up for the challenges that will face them in the future!...
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