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In the Mood for Love

In the Mood for Love - Within the film there is a contrast...

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The composition and use of space in "In the Mood for Love" by Wong Kar-Wai, has many unique aspects to it. The lighting, along with the mood emphasis, and color composition capture all the corpulent feelings and emotions, he tries to portray. He uses all these in order to engage the viewer and make the film have a more in-depth meaning overall. The way Wong uses the lighting in this film is in a way where shadows are dominant in many of the scenes. This side light cause's a mysterious look and is appropriate for the movie because of the unsure connection between the actual two lovers, Mrs. Chow and Mr. Chan. Also Wong uses, almost like a jump cut for ending his scenes. He will cut to black before the next part of the movie is to come. Unlike other movie's when they cut away straight to the next shot. He uses this to instill anticipation within the viewer and I also believe it is just a uniqueness to his film.
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Unformatted text preview: Within the film there is a contrast of colors. There are parts when Mrs.Chow is wearing bright colors, with her huge turtle neck and all, then there are times when there are only grey,black and whites, usually in the ally scenes or when she is meeting with Mr.Chan. One way he could use these color's is to set apart feeling's between the characters and the actual state they may be going through. Like when Mrs.Chow is in bright colors and is in a lively environment then she is confident and content with her surroundings. But when the colors are changed to more pastel then, it shows the uncertainty of the relationship between Mr.Chan and Mrs.Chow. Wong's directing can be summed up as "his own." There are many different elements within his film including lighting, mood emphasis and color composition that he uses to portray a more elusive and unique setting....
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