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Kicking Bird - making big that he is concerned about but...

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After the screening of his film, I found myself honestly disappointed. I thought the overall quality of the film was poor, but it is a stylistic issue that Kelly was going for. I also thought the editing, and sound quality was not that great. To me it looked exactly the budget of a 4,000$ film. I did however think it very neat how he had composed his own music to fit the film. Another positive perspective that I admired about Kelly was his sheer love for film. You could tell that film is what he was all about and how much he really enjoyed doing it. No matter what obstacles in his way he did it anyway, wether it be raising money, sleeping in a Wal-Mart parking lot, taking his daughter on the road with him, or even berly getting by with DVD sales and t-shirt sales. I thought this type of approach to filmmaking was very unique almost like a pop band on tour. It is something Ive never thought of, but is defiantly plausible but it just might be really hard to get your name out there and make it big. It might not even be
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Unformatted text preview: making big that he is concerned about but getting his name accredited and making a decent salary. This type of method compared to the hollywood technique is at the far of the end of the spectrum and for sure not as profitable. But overall if it is the path Kelly wants to take and is happy doing what he is doing then this way Kelly is running things is just fine and could turn out to be a great way to get his films out to the world. .. It just may take a lot, a lot of work. His distribution method is not one to make shit loads of money but, like I said earlier, is one that Kelly stands by and gets him around and from film to film. But all in all, Kelly was an interesting guest and it was great to hear from a man who has been through a lot and knows how the real world works especially in filmmaking. Kicking Birds is still one of his early films and I think that it can only get better from here....
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