La Jettee- Run Lola Run

La Jettee- Run Lola Run - Run Lola Run I thought was an...

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Bailey Eubanks Dr. Kendrick October 24, 2007 Film and Global Culture La Jetee/Run Lola Run La Jetee was an interesting movie that was of it's own kind. The use of still photographs to tell a story was very unique, and very interesting at the same time. Although this technique was astounding, the plot lacked and "Has the quality of a You Tube video (Braden Yandle)." I believe that the plot was hard to follow, leaving the audience in confusion of what exactly the film was trying to portray or the director was trying to get across. The plot was one that could raise many questions, such as " was the young man who was tortured actually in the future or what was the purpose the tortures were trying to accomplish." Questions like these may be answered through reasoning, but hard to get concrete results from, in-turn making the movie a disappointment. This style is one that I would like to see Hollywood take grasp of and maybe turn it into a blockbuster. I believe that something like that could be made into something awesome.
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Unformatted text preview: Run Lola Run, I thought was an excellent example of a complex, easy to follow, narrative. Lola, a young woman has a boyfriend who ends up in trouble, owing a mafia type group 100,000 euros. There are twenty minutnes between his inevatable death or Lola reaching him with 100,000 grand. On the way, and between the many chances she gets at obtaining the money successfully, Lola finds out more about her horrible father and learns from her mistakes in the previous "lifes." From these mistakes Lola gets better and better at her attempts. Then in the end things turn out for the better as her boyfriends recovers the money from the homeless man and Lola ends up winning and extra 100,000 grand in the casino. This movie was very enjoyable and very entertaining, definitely one of my favorite so far. Tom Twyker does an astounding job in catching the audiences attention and keeps the narrative moving along with neat side plots and interesting visuals....
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La Jettee- Run Lola Run - Run Lola Run I thought was an...

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