Maria Full of Grace

Maria Full of Grace - the"simplistic" theme but is...

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Bailey Ray Sims Eubanks September, 19 2007 The editing in Maria Full of Grace was very basic. Though this technique of simplistic editing was not difficult it was very efficient for the style of the movie. The way Marston uses steady cuts from scene to scene and shot to shot, directs the audience's mood in a way that is appropriate for the feelings this film should evoke. In the beginning of the film post production music is added over many cutaway shots, that lets the viewer get a taste of the poverty stricken, columbia. Marston uses staccato edits, on beat with the music toward the beginning of the film. He does this to not only make a nice rhythmic introduction but ,visually, let the audience get the feel of the surroundings and setting. Only once did I notice use another object to make an edit, rather than just a cutaway from the shot. It was toward the middle of the film when a door was shut into the camera and caused a "cut to black" then opened up with the next scene. This type of edit goes with
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Unformatted text preview: the "simplistic" theme but is contrary to all the other multiple edits Marston uses throughout the film. The edits in this film are very abrupt and professional, in the sense that the edits seem to cause anticipation or excitement. These edits can be compared to a current show, now on air, called 24. This is another work that uses the same type of edits, that are quick and percise. It point also is to build within the audience suspense, considering it is a show that deals with terrorist activity. So, conclusively you can see that even the simplest of edits can evoke passion within the artist and the audience. Editing can be considered as an art, and who knows, maybe Marston is the next "Monet" of film. Joshua Marston does a wonderful job in making of this film, including edits and direction. He captivates the viewers attention, and does it with, maybe even getting a lesson across....
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Maria Full of Grace - the"simplistic" theme but is...

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