NorthbyNorthwest - believe this narrative is commonly used...

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Bailey Eubanks Professor Kendrick Film and Global Culture 15 October 2007 Narrative in North by Northwest Director Alfred Hitchcock’s narrative in North by Northwest, is a typical one but also sets the stage, of how even similar narratives are used today. In North by Northwest the basic scheme of the movie is that of good vs. evil. Thornhill, the good, is taken by Vandamm. Vandamm then harasses him and basically frames him for crimes he did not commit. This intern creates the suspenseful chase of Vanndamm and the unknown Mr.Kaplan. Along the way we run into Eve, a undercover CIA agent working for Vandamm. There are mixed feelings between her and Thornhill, until the end when the problems are worked out and then each one tries to save the other. Which is also the common theme of the “love story” in the narrative, aside the action sequences. But in the end good always triumphs over evil as Thronhill acquires the microfilaments and the girl then of course the other two bad guys are defeated. The reason I
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Unformatted text preview: believe this narrative is commonly used is because it’s so enticing. Not always the exact same but, every time it keeps the audience attracted to the screen. Another good aspect to this narrative is that is not that complicated to follow. Compared to some of today’s narratives the movie is fairly easy to comprehend but for back in that time period the movie became a flop because there were super complex theme and it required lots of thinking. The film may have been to complex for its time, but I also believe that taking a new direction is always the way to innovation and Hitchcock did just that with North by Northwest. The movie was very typical and original at the same time to Hitchcocks style, so all in all it came together to create a capturing film. It was a little long and the plot seemed to drag at points but was certainly necessary for the innovation Hitchcock was trying to reach....
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NorthbyNorthwest - believe this narrative is commonly used...

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