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In this film, Notorious by Alfred Hitchcock, there are many similarities between it and other films of his. But to take a closer look at it, Ill compare it to North by Northwest. In these two films they star some same actors, which already sets a "trend" or a similarity between the two films. One other similarity is that they are both "spy" type films involving a "dam-stress in distress" being captured by the bad guys and yet a "handsome" young man, comes to the rescue of the lovely woman. One difference I noticed between the two films that were evident, was the ending. Notorious, in a nut shell, seemed to abruptly end, which I had not problem with but is unlike North by Northwest, with its thought- provoking plot which seemed to drag out for time on end. One thing I would like to change or suggest about these two films is that they are very alike. Much like the films of Wes Anderson, it
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Unformatted text preview: seems as if they are all the same style, and nothing new or invigorating about them. I would like to see Hitchcock change it up a little bit and show a different style. I can only say this from seeing the past two films, yet birds is next week and then I can compare from the three. Also througout the film, Hitchcock used many of the same shots, which also contributed to the whole "one style" comment. He uses many of the same edits too, one main one is the cross dissolve, used throughout both of the films extensivly. .. to show the "change over time." Overall Hitchcock was a great director for his time, producing this movies that were perfect for the audience of that period. They were interesting, suspenseful and innovative, these three things together made for the "stylistic" form of Hitchcock and made him a legend in the Director relm....
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