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Final Exam Review - Final Exam Review o What is 1 Activity...

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Final Exam Review o What is Φ ? 1. Activity 2. Branches 3. Relation - Φ - History of Φ o Relation - Truth - Error o What is the History of Φ ? 1. Melody 2. Conversation Unity in Diversity 3. Frame – Film o Criteria to Evaluate a Φ 1. Conceptual Clarity 2. Match our experiences 3. Logical Coherence (Assumptions Conclusions) o Myth? o Relation Greek - Mythology - Φ o Key Beliefs of Greek Mythology? o What is 1. Myth Consciousness 2. Theoretic Consciousness - View of the World: surrounded by things - Attitude toward life: Need to explain what things are Discovery of a 3. “Discovery of things” new interpretation - Things as objects radically different from us subjects of the world - Separation between subject & object - We observe things & try to explain what they are
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Thales o Why is Thales’ Q. important? o What is the meaning: “Things are full of Gods”? There is a principle in things that governs their behavior This principle does not die when particular thing die is immortal is Godlike
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