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10/16/07 Plato o When Socrates died (399 B.C.E) Plato was 30 yrs. Old o Alfred North Whitehead 1929: “… Western Philosophical Tradition … is a series of footnotes to Plato.” o Plato’s VII Letter - Written shortly before he died - Reflecting about his youth o Born in wealthy family involved for many yrs. in Athenian politics o Goal of Plato’s Φ : Find the pattern of a good state o o Returns to Athens 387 B.C.E. - Founds the Academy - To develop the future leaders of Athens (900 yrs.)
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Unformatted text preview: o Situation Leading to Socrates’ Death :-Troubled times • Athens humiliated • Strife Oligarchs Democrat o Intellectual War of Ideas-Parmendies vs. Heraclitus-Atomist vs. Skepticism of the Sophists-Physis vs. Nomos Controversy o Teaching of the Sophists have undermined all traditional values o Goal of Plato’s Φ : Refute Skepticism & Relativism: 1. Distinguish opinion vs. knowledge. 2. Prove that we do have knowledge. 3. Determine what is knowledge about , what is object of knowledge...
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