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Terry Gilliams films are very obscure and challenging not only within the movie but also when it comes to production. Throughout these two documentaries you constantly see Gilliam struggling with the many different stages of the “completing the movie” process. Some of the issues he faces are money and the overspending of it, he even confesses him- self saying “I have to start small because I know eventually it will turn really big.” Another problem Terry has is with the studio, although this was talked about in another discussion board I think its necessary to conclude from these two that Gilliam really doesn’t know what he wants, I think he is honestly scatter-brained, and not able to put together his films in a ordinary fashion. The way he works however could contribute to his film, if you were to go at it in a stylistic point of view. But overall I think Gilliam is not wrong but economically and “productivity wise” deficient in the way he comes about putting his films together. Another issue to touch on is that Terry has a problem with
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Unformatted text preview: opinions from other people. Throughout the documentary, Bruce Willis, his producers, the studio would give another option for either a acting within a scene (Bruce Willis), a alternate scene in general (producer), or alternate editing of the film (the studio). Its almost as if he takes offense to his work by not taking the opinions or thoughts of others to improve his film. He has a vision that he sticks too and no matter what he tries to achieve it even though “he can see it in his head but can’t do it in real life” (or something like that). To compliment Terry on a few things I would say that he is an artist, but not to the publics liking as a whole. I could compare him to Picasso, abstract yet effective artist in getting across a point or image. No matter what no one can say it doesn’t take talent to pull of a major motion picture and Terry defiantly has a talent for direction and effectively perusing his vision....
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