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In the film “the player” it not only shows a good variety of scenic elements but yet also shows the underlying plot and routine of the studio. On the prompt of the relationship between the studio and the creators, they are very different in many ways. As portrayed in the movie, the creators are free lance workers submitting there story to as many studios as possible. Resulting from this the studios are overwhelmed with hundreds and hundreds of scripts a day. The main character Griffins job is to sort through those proposals and then pitch the stories to the head honchos of the studio. Yet, this creates a problem between the studio and the writer when the studio does not agree with the writers story. In this case, the writer is a stalker, which drives the main character to the point of violence. Griffen then still receives the letters and at the end of the movie everything that
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Unformatted text preview: has occurred in the movie turns into the plot, which is proposed to the studio as a movie. The movie really shows what an potential relationship between the two could actually look like. It also shows, on the side plot how larry leevy is taking this script from one writer and is proposing that the studio take a gamble on this type of movie. Much like Brazil, in the sense that studios everyday will be at risk when making a movie. It could benefit them or it could lose them a lot of money. There are many steps and complications that go towards making and stetting up the production of the film. This movie accurately shows many things that can get in the way of filmmaking. For example not only the fight outside the studio but the fights within the studio as well....
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