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In this film, it is defiantly apparent that Ozu used many Japanese cultures and mixed them into this film. Seeing many American type films helps you realize/ pick out the differences between the two different styles. As heard from many other opinions and my own on the movie, his style was almost presented to exaggerated. It seemed as if he was more concentrated on the style of the film rather than producing a good and entertaining film itself. Tokyo Story obviously reflects that the directors has a huge interest in Japanese culture. It also shows that he is not afraid to express it no matter what the case. His film was so overpopulated with examples of this stylistic type it was ridiculous. Other than the style of the film it did have a few perks to it, one that I would include were the big establishing shots of the city of Japan, those were very culturally integrated and showed marvelous scenery. One other aspect that Ozu focuses on but in a obscure was was family. I liked all the representations he used throughout the film to
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Unformatted text preview: symbolize the family scenery in Japan. One thing I think it could work on would be the pace of the entire film. Being mainly slow, it had no special effects or expensive camera operations. All in all it could be considered a nice production value but without the perks. This is what we in America are use to and are accustomed to seeing on the big screen. This could have contributed to why so much of the class does/did not enjoy the film. I myself did not enjoy the film because of that aspect but really its comes down to style and the way the director saw the film and if that’s what he wants than that’s it. I have seen many Japanese films that I did like however such as “My Friend Totoro.” A great animation feature length film on a little girl and her imagination turning into reality. Overall the style of Japan is not for everyone but can be a useful learning tool....
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