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06/11/2007 00:10:00 Bailey Eubanks Film and Global Culture Professor Kendrick November 5, 2007 White Dog In Samuel Fuller’s “White Dog” there were many different messages that were trying to be conveyed to the viewer. Honestly in my opinion this film defiantly did not strike me as racist as other films we have viewed such as Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing.” Although the film did convey racism as an issue it didn’t it in an indiscrete manner. The white dog is ironic in its own self, by it being the best of the best of “black hunters” and it then being pure white. One message I think is quite obvious Samuel is trying to convey is that racism is a “sick” thing that humanity has to overcome, and it might be a very hard or impossible task for many people. Which coincides, as the white dog was one that was very hard or impossible to cure, as is racism in the United States, after many years of oppression toward the blacks. Another message that Fuller is trying to get across, I believe is the
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Unformatted text preview: message of not just between black/white but it’s about determination. Paul Winfield is an animal trainer that is determined to break this dog of its malicious habits. He even is willing to let the death of “one of his own kind” not to interfere with his mission, that he has set forth to try and accomplish. He and the other trainers have set it as a mission that is “for the greater good.” If this can be done then other dogs will be able to be “put away” their problem instead of being put down. Samuel Fuller does a great job in trying to get across points that are meaningful. But for this time period people are narrow minded and can not see past many things put before their eyes, everything’s black/white, yes/no ect. But I believe Sam was one who was able to look past that and able to recognize what really needed to be portrayed… racism in America and how America lacks in passion and without a goal many things can come to fall apart....
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