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Eubanks 1 Bailey Eubanks Religion 1310 Trevor Cochell December 11, 2007 The Four C ’s INTRODUCTION: In this semester we have completed our study on the sum of the New Testament and Old Testament. In During this time we have learned that there are a number of ways to study the biblical narrative. The alliterative outline we personally used in class consists of Creation, Corruption, Correction, and Consummation. Specifically within “Correction” there are four sub headings that deal with Covenants, Crisis, Christ, and the Church. Contained in each of these structures there are key characters, events and issues that need to be discussed. The four C’s are used over and over throughout the bible, like a pattern, making them a significant point to catch onto. It is therefore, essential in understanding and using this outline in order to fully comprehend the Biblical narrative as a whole. I: CREATION: In the section of creation we see the Biblical narrative just start to begin. It takes place in the Book of Genesis, in ironically, none other than the “creation account.” To create is by definition: to bring order out of Chaos. In order to have creation there must be chaos, and it is seen in Job, Psalms and Isaiah. Within these three books it references to God conquering the most prime beast, a leviathan. God is personified as an all powerful being conquering light and darkness. Repetition is key when studying the Bible, it’s a marking for an underlying meaning or symbol. So, in that case repetition is seen in another part of the Creation narrative where there is the divine fiat phrase “God
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Eubanks 2 said.” This is repetitively shown toward the beginning of Genesis during the account of creation. The account of creation is the most important section of the creation narrative. It is the seven days God uses to create the Earth. Each day has its on significance in the narrative they consist of; Day 1, Light, Day 2, Firmament, Day 3, Dry Land, Day 4, Luminaries, Day 5, Air and Sea Creatures, Day 6, Land Animals and Day 7 God Rested. In this creation section we see God use the words “us” and “our” as if he is including us
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Religion Paper - Eubanks 1 Bailey Eubanks Religion 1310...

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