feb 14 - Thomas jefferson conflicted about slavery"slavery...

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Thomas jefferson – conflicted about slavery “slavery is like having a woof by the ear” - South can’t let go about slavery - Becomes more conservative as he gets older - Despairs about emancipation anyways cause whites will overwhelm them - Liason with female slaves o Produced 6 children from the liason - Argument is that this was not the usual sexual exploitation since their was real spiritual love. - Closer to American revolution – he never remarries – but has liaisons with women such as a French women in paris. - He frees some of sally’s children upon death. And makes provision to free sally 2 years after he dies. - He is conflicted since he sets precedent to not allowing slavery in north west. - Same thing for Louisiana purchase. - Reputation in declention at the time. Supreme court and the emergence of that as 3 rd branch of government in 1803. (deals with john adams midnight appointment) - John marshman – Virginian – enemy of Jefferson and appointment to be (federalist) supreme justice of supreme court (1801 – 1835) under him that the supreme court emerges at a viable 3 rd branch of government. Starts with 1803 (marlberry vs madisson) – when or who has the power to decide the constitutionality of a given law or a given action – who decides ? supreme court. Judiciary decides. John marshman declares that it is duty of judicial branch of government to say what the law is and to decide whether a given law/action is repugnant to the constitution and should be declared null/void. This is precedent that supreme court is the final authority on the meaning of the constitution and to determine constitutionality of congrgasional
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actions/legislations certain laws and behavior. Extremely important since established doctrine of judicial review. o The right to review legislation Makes supreme court a viable 3 rd branch of government (Jefferson slightly opposes) - One of the few of john marshall’s nationalistic federalistic ideas. 2 nd domestic thing under Jefferson is Louisiana purchase - Problem: o Spain has control of territory west of misssisipi and floridas and new Orleans. o As we move to Kentucky, tenessee who want right to take their produce down the missisipi river (opposite direction of atlantic) down to new Orleans. Spain reluctant to giver right of deposit. So American ships can pick the goods up. o Spain passes control of land west of missisipi river to france (secret treaty)in 1801. o Americans now have to deal with france. (Jefferson deals with france) (sends ambassador (robert Livingston) sent to france to purchase/rent land in new Orleans) (also sends james Monroe (future president) who arrives in 1803 2 days after france offered to sell the whole of Louisiana) o
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feb 14 - Thomas jefferson conflicted about slavery"slavery...

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