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Midterm Study Guide PHIL 301/Spring 2008 Maccarone The midterm will be made up of two types of questions in several sections. There will be identification questions where you are given a name, concept, theory, principle, etc. to identify in 2-3 sentences. The information you give must be philosophically relevant. There will be short answer questions than can be addressed in one or two paragraphs. You will have a choice of which questions to answer for each section. Everything on the exam is covered on the study sheet, but not everything on the study sheet will be covered on the exam. Case Studies/news articles may be used as examples in your essays. If there is a case study on your exam in a question, the full text will be reproduced for you—you will not have to memorize them! Please bring blue books or notebook paper sufficient for you to complete the exam. Intrinsically valuable Instrumentally valuable Consistency Determinacy Applicability Internal support External support Explanatory power
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