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Cloning Rogerian

Cloning Rogerian - Eubanks 1 Bailey Eubanks Mr.Reiter...

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Eubanks 1 Bailey Eubanks Mr.Reiter English 1304 March 3, 2008 Title All throughout Hollywood cloning has played a major role in numerous films; from The Island all the way to Multiplicity this invigorating idea of cloning has made its mark. Jurassic Park is one film that dealt with the rebirth of prehistoric mammals from fossilized DNA. It is funny how this science fiction past has now become a present reality. Many people have not a clue what cloning is; the Oxford English Dictionary says that it is “a person or animal that develops from one somatic cell of its parent and is genetically identical to that parent.” This concept of cloning, by itself, is an intriguing idea. Having an identical person both in the physical sense and the mental is an idea hard for some to comprehend. Even though the first successful human clone could not come for some time now, cloning is a monumental step for mankind. Benefits would come from this innovation of technology, including; endless medical innovations, agriculturally engineering crops and the repopulation of extinct animals. With all these positive aspects of cloning, this is a technology that needs to be further developed. Because of the benefits cloning offers, it could be a positive development for society. To cover the populace that is anti-cloning, there are more than enough reasons it should be suspended or even outlawed. A problem facing many scientists today is that even in the, animal opposed to human, aspect of cloning it says, “technology is still in its early stages, and
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Eubanks 2 nearly 98 percent of cloning efforts end in failure (Freudenrich).” The main breakthrough happened in 1997 with a cloned sheep by the name dolly, which took 276 attempts before the experiment was successful. Not only are there problems within the scientific side but also another problem comes from animal rights activists stating “animal experimentation or anything that causes unnecessary distress to animals is inhumane (The President’s Council).” There are many issues facing the rights clones would have, the National Bioethics Advisory Commission
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