Lecture 12 - Berlioz

Lecture 12 - Berlioz - Fantastic Symphony(1830...

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Fantastic Symphony (1830) Berlios (1803-69): crazy Went to Paris for musical education: cosmopolitan Place to develop international reputation Class distinctions: what floor you live on apartment buildings that line great avenue Closest to ground are wealthiest Berlioz lives on top floor Known widely as brilliant manipulator of orchestra, orchestral color Making the orchestra bigger Contradiction: didn’t compose for or at the piano: innovations Sparse musical education: guitar, tin whistle, “orchestra” First great composer that didn’t play a primary instrument Therefore, didn’t follow traditional views of harmony Unable to help orchestral musicians b/c didn’t play violin Invented the conductor, stood in front of orchestra and waves stick Biography Father wanted him to become a doctor, but he didn’t want to 1830: big break, as a student wins Rome Prize of Composition for Symphonie Fantastique, radical inspired by love affair with famous Shakespearean actress Harriet Smithson
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Lecture 12 - Berlioz - Fantastic Symphony(1830...

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