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Hell's angels - Kristin Cozad Student ID 0532801 Section AN 2.24.06 Hell's Angels Outline Differential Association"The problem with this strategy

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Kristin Cozad Student ID: 0532801 Section AN 2.24.06 Hell’s Angels Outline I. Differential Association “The problem with this strategy is that it fails to measure directly the crucial variable, earned definitions of law violation (339).” “It assumes that criminal motivation is variable and indetifies social conditions that encourage individuals to behave defiantly (372).” II. Social Control “Control theories assume that delinquent acts result when an individual’s bond to society is weak or broken (357).” “In fact, it can be argued that all of the characteristics attributed to the psychopath follow from, are effects of, his lack of attachment to others (358).” “In the sociological control theory, it can be and is generally assumed that the decision to commit a criminal act may well be rationally determined-that the actor’s decision was not irrational given the risks and costs he faces (360).” “Most people, simply by the process of living in organized society, acquire
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