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!PLEASE BRING COURSE PACKETS TO CLASS TODAY! Lecture 7/8: THE ROMAN THEATER ( see Lect. 7 ); THE ROMAN CONSTITUTION I. The Roman Constitution: general characteristics: pragmatism and goodwill II. Case in point: consul; veto; proconsul; imperium III. The other magistrates; cursus honorum (cf. Kamm, pp. 14-17) 1. praetor; urbanus , peregrinus ; edict 2. aedile 3. quaestor IV. Further magistrates 1. tribune of the plebs; Hortensian Law of 287 B.C.; the Gracchi 2. censor 3. dictator; Cincinnatus (cf. Garry Wills' book
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Unformatted text preview: Cincinnatus on George Washington ) V. Senate; Senatus Consultum ( Ultimum ); SPQR; auctoritas VI. The assemblies 1. Centuriate; 193 'centuries' 2. tribal or concilium plebis ; 35 units or 'tribes' VII. checks and balances: differences and similarities with U.S. Constitution Interested in roman constitution because we were in similar circumstances: we threw out the british king, they threw out Etruscan king. Different branches of government Agricultural aristocracy Oligarchy...
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