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Intro to Rome January 15 Three things associated with Rome-The Stadium, Government, and Theatre Similarities between US and Roman Constitutation. No King. Checks and balances. The Veto power. Several Roman Officials had a veto power. US and Rome were entertainment nations. Our Stadiums are like the coliseum. Many people think that our culture is fallowing in Rome’s footsteps because they are alike, but there are also many differences. Life expectancy was very different too. Avg life expectancy was 35 years old. Also we have more of a long term perspective. Romans were very open to adapting other civilizations, just like the US does. Rome is a melting pot of a civilization. House hold slaves were generally freed after 10 years, they were also given a pay which they could by their freedom early, and then there kids would be born roman citizens. So there for the roman gene pool was constantly changing. Lack of documents to study Rome. Most documents that are left are in stone. All the records before 390 are gone. The guy who is said to be the creator of Rome never actually existed. Rome is supposedly founded 300 years before there is evidence. If a historian goes before 390 a historian can say anything and there will be no evidence to contradict it. Rome was not a heavily urbanized culture. They get lots of info from grains and coins. January 17 th The Etruscans came before the roman and the Romans got a lot from them. We don’t really know where they came from and where they started. The evidence that we see is always from the elitists, from their tombs, not from the greater society itself. It was a highly advanced civilization. They were a unique civilization for the moderation at that period of time. The Romans really come from the Latin’s and move to the area of Rome and then gradually conquered the Italian peninsula. Rome would then conquer people and let them run their own civilization. The Etruscans get a lot of their culture from Greece. What the Etruscans do and eventually the Romans is mix the Greek way with their own way. . The Romans always
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considered themselves to be from duel places, they were from Romulus…and then also from Troy by Aeneas. There are statues of him carrying his dad out of troy who had a paralyzed leg for talking about begging the god venues. Herodotus is offer called the father of history; he lived in the 5 th century and said that the Etruscans came from Asia Minor, what is now turkey. He said that the story was there was a big famine and they came to Italy by boat. There is no evidence of destruction of pre existing civilization, so it was a peaceful arrival. The Etruscans women lived a metronymic lifestyle, which means that people when by the names of the mother and not the father. The women are represented as being strong, which is rare in that time of the world. Usually when a couple is buried you would have them buried in a coffin and there was a statue of them onto. The next thing is religion. They are unique because they believe in
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Intro_to_Rome - Intro to Rome January 15 Three things...

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