Intro_to_Rome_Readings - Kamm 52-75 102-124 “Roman...

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Intro to Rome Readings: Week One: January 15-17 Kamm 1-12 Plutarch- Romulus Week Two: January 22-24 Kamm 13-30; 171-180 Pultarch Cato (CP) Selections from Livy (CP) Week Three:  Kamm 76-101; 144-151 Week Four: Febraury 5-7  Terence- The Brothers (CP) “Political Campaigning” (CP) Week Five: February 12-14 Review for Exam One Week Six: february 19- 21 Kamm 30-48 Suetonius- Julius Caesar Shakespsear- Julius Caesar (CP) Week Seven: February 26-28 Kamm 49-52 Suetonius- Augustus Week Eight: March 4- 6 Vergil’s Aeneid (All except Book 3 and 5, but read p. 76-83) Kamm 128-143 Week Nine: March 18- 20
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Unformatted text preview: Kamm 52-75; 102-124 “Roman Wives” (CP) Week Ten: March 25-27 Suetonius- Nero Review for Exam Two Week Eleven: april 1-3 Kamm 181- 185 New Testament Selections (CP) “Religion and Society in the Roman World” (CP) Week Twelve: april 8-10 Juvenal, Satire 3 (CP) The Seduction of Paulina (internet) “Multiculutralism in Ancient Rome” (CP) Vidal- Julian 1-125 Kamm 185-195 Week Thirteen: April 15-17 Vidal- Julian 158-170; 304 399 Week Fourteen: April 22-24 Vidal- Julian 399-end Re-read Kamm 124-127 “Circus and Arena Events” (CP)...
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Intro_to_Rome_Readings - Kamm 52-75 102-124 “Roman...

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