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15 40 and 70 essay

15 40 and 70 essay - Andrea De Leon Book Recommendations...

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Andrea De Leon Book Recommendations Throughout history there have been countless folklorist who, with words, have changed the way people express themselves and view the world. During the past few months we have taken a look at some very influential scholars in the folklore field and examined their work thoroughly. After examining a great collection of works I have decided to recommend the following books; to a 15 year old The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm ; for a 40 year old Pissing in the Snow by Vance Randolph; and for a 70 year old I would recommend Mules and Men by Zora Neale Hurston. All of these books are great collections of stories, but some would be better for one age group and not the other. Growing up is a tough time for anyone, but the age of 15 is the age when a teenager is most gawky, awkward, while at the same time believing that they know everything and anything that life can throw at them. The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm is a book that has many morals, all of which could be useful to a growing mind. It is filled with tales about things that children enjoy reading; including fear, death, dreams, love. The Brothers Grimm is full of tales that are known by millions of people, in hundreds of languages and cultures around the world. Because of all these facts it is safe to assume that if you are familiar with at least one the tales you can connect in some way to a stranger walking down the street in any part of the world. In the majority of the Grimm’s tales, truth, honesty, and kindness are behaviors that are rewarded. Opposite behaviors, such as being evil or unkind, are punished. These are social-norms that all citizens of the world need to become familiar with at one point in
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their lives. Examples of these everyday lessons can be seen throughout the different tales in the book. The poor soldier in The Twelve Dancing Princesses is rewarded for his kind behavior to an old woman and he is then given the information he needs to uncover the truth about the princesses. By doing so, he is rewarded with marriage to one of them and the chance to live “happily ever after.” In Hansel and Gretel, the children’s evil stepmother throws them out of the house and is dead (a punishment) by the time the
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15 40 and 70 essay - Andrea De Leon Book Recommendations...

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