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Lecture 1. Roman Architecture is seen in buildings like the Jefferson Memorial Romans imitators of the Greeks o Slight differences, such as raised temples that could only be accessed from certain  entrances Rome was a melting pot, let people keep their cultural identities, didn’t force much on the  ones they conquered and allowed into the Roman Empire. o Peculium – slaves get allowance to eventually buy back their freedom, slaves usually  enslaved for 10 yrs. Gallic invasion of Rome in 390 BC, left many Roman records destroyed/lost. Most of early Rome was agriculturally based (85-90%) lived in the country. Lecture 2.  The Etruscans Most advanced civilization prior to Romans, centered around Tuscany o Not replicated anywhere else, were unique in the Mediterranean. o Looked to Greece for many things Cultural and religious diffusion from Greece. Romans were not cultural imperialists o A blending of Greek Gods with their own Gods Herodotus – Father of history o Etruscans came from Asia Minor (namely Turkey). o Role of women very pronounced – metronymic (families got their names from  mother). Women represented in statues Religion
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o Natural phenomenon, the world, and the flight of birds Ischia – micro society, hybrid civilization (from the east) Villanovans – Iron Age civilization that the Etruscans exploit o Cremation After the Etruscans intermingled with the Villanovans they picked up cremations as a common burial ritual. 3 Centuries later the rise of the Romans push the Etruscans out.
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Lecture_notes_up_to_quiz_1 - Lecture 1 Roman Architecture...

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