Paper 2 Outline- Power of love

Paper 2 Outline- Power of love - Power of love Ability for...

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Power of love Ability for lovers to overcome obstacles and arrive at reunion and happy ending. - Typed, double spaced, approx. 6 page - Notes indicating all facts and opinions derived from someone else. - Originality, organization, neatness, spelling (Chinese Spelling) - Include own interpretation. We should talk about: Who's doing what in the story? What happened in stories? What the author is trying to say? How they illustrate theme? How the author feels about it? What are the problems encountered in the stories? Use examples of 2 stories for each theme. What are these characters doing in this story? How is it contrary to the traditional Chinese? What is the author's point of view? What did they do? What did they say? What did the author intend? "Not a Research Paper" Make your paper unified (don't repeat the story.) Points out what's important
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The Couple Bound in Life and Death Name similarity indicates some kind of ties between the two. Meant for each other. To-shou [a lot, long life, longevity], To-fu [a lot of good fortune] Can true love overcome serious obstacle of sickness? Would a disgusting sickness which has no hope of cure be a deterrent to true love? Family friend of the two families—Wang San-lao acted as a matchmaker and suggested them getting married. Engagement reached by mutual consent of both families, managed by someone in between. Children were NOT consulted.
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Paper 2 Outline- Power of love - Power of love Ability for...

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