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Extra Credit MAAN - Throughout the show there are funny...

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Bailey Eubanks Mr. Reiter March 26, 2008 Extra Credit: Much Ado About Nothing Today, I went to go see the play Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare. It was in the Armstrong Browning Library on the second floor. It was produced and directed by Stephen Prickettand David White. This was my first time to see this particular play by William Shakespeare, and It was rather funny. Being comical, I enjoyed it much more than the other plays he has written. Shakespeare has always been a writer much too complicated for myself. I have had a hard time comprehending his plays and writings but do respect his work and influence in Literature. What I obtained from this show, is that itsabout a man who falls in love with a woman but she opposes him but through gossip and talk eventually they end up together.
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Unformatted text preview: Throughout the show there are funny instances and lines that really develop the characters and there actions. It is funny how all the friends unite in order to carry out this ingenious plan of theirs. Then on top of that the mysterious villains Don Jon and this companions Conrad and Borachiotrying to steal the spot light yet do not succeed. The play was an interesting one to watch, especially in the “black box” type setting, where the actors would act all around you. They way they used their space to there advantage was awesome. Also the use of minimal props and how effective they were in the story.It was a long show however lasting well over two hours. All in all, it was an alright show and good for learning purposes....
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Extra Credit MAAN - Throughout the show there are funny...

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